Armadillo Grill

The Armadillo Grill is roaring back under its new name, Brenda’s Inferno. We are ready to serve and continue a legacy left by John Tapper and Bar Rescue while respecting the needs of our customers in this trying time.

What precautions do I need to take when visiting a bar in Phoenix?

Arizona continues to be hard hit by the coronavirus. New cases surged into the thousands this June. However, with proper social distancing, the use of masks, and consideration by guests for areas closed to the public, we can avoid economic disaster.

Bars and restaurants can open with normal business hours for now. Still, we highly encourage guests to sit six feet apart, wear a mask when not eating, and avoid common areas such as the pool tables.

Can I still have a fun night out in Arizona?

Stay cool, eat well, and enjoy a refreshing drink during one of the driest summers on record. Brenda’s Inferno is ready to meet your expectations as a literally cool place to hang out for a few hours.

You can always bring friends. Food and drink are among the best ways to enjoy a night out with friends. Converse over classic Southwestern pub fair or a craft cocktail.

Fresh food in Phoenix

Brenda’s Inferno, formerly the Armadillo Grill, serves meals from scratch to your door or on location. We bring the spice to your night with dishes inspired by the west.

Feel the heat with a southwest chicken sandwich or steak sandwich topped by hatch chilis. Inspired by our time on Bar Rescue, we are always trying to innovate to meet the tastes of our customers.

What is new at Brendas Inferno?

You can still grab a classic dish such as our wings and buffalo chicken. However, we have new sandwiches making use of world-famous fresh fare in our state.

The steak sandwich topped with roasted chilis is just one of our new dishes. Enjoy fresh fried shrimp from only a state away as well. We try new dishes to tickle your taste buds.

Crafted cocktails in Phoenix

With businesses open again, you can enjoy a carefully crafted cocktail made to your taste. We bring our passion for local fare to our beverages.

Our drinks, many from our Bar Rescue episode, bring the Southwest to your table. Grab a Spicy Mango with Fresno chilis and lime juice, a Prickly Pear Margarita with prickly pear syrup, or a desert mule to bring you back to the time of gunfights and dusty streets.

Where can I visit a sports bar in Phoenix?

The Armadillo Grill, now Brenda’s Inferno, is doing as much as possible to keep customers healthy while they enjoy our fresh fare. Stop in and grab a plate and drink or order fresh food delivered directly to your door. We want everyone to enjoy fresh food and drink in Arizona.

Brenda’s Inferno is open for business and ready to meet your needs. Visit us today, pull up a chair, and enjoy your night out responsibly.

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