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Arizona is back and business and the good people at Brendas Inferno are ready to help you celebrate. As life returns to normal, we want to be your scratch kitchen and sports bar in Phoenix, Arizona.

What bars are open in Phoenix?

The last few months were a scary time. Many were sick and many more lost their jobs. We love our community and understand the reason for the statewide lockdown.

Brenda’s Inferno is now open and hopes to remain so while promoting the health and well-being of our guests. Help us serve you by following social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask when not eating. We are in this together.

Fresh food for a night back out on the town

With our guidelines in place, we are ready to help you have a fun night out. Having been on Bar Rescue, our team knows the importance of putting the customer first.

Enjoy delicious burgers, salads, and pub fare while getting in touch with your inner sports addict. Our food is fresh, cooked to your taste, and ready to please.

What is new at Brenda’s Inferno?

We continue to innovate with fresh menu options that will leave you coming back for more. Our dishes build on a local taste for fire, spice, and everything nice.

Chefs recently added hot chicken sandwiches, shrimp poppers, and new sliders. Hungry diners should try the Southwest Steak Sandwich with 8oz of Ribeye and classic roasted hatch chilis.

Unique cocktails in Phoenix

It would not be a bar rescue without craft cocktails. Brenda’s Inferno continues to serve some of the most Southwestern beverages on the market.

Even our desert mule contains a bit of the Southwest with lime and aloe vera juice. The prickly pear margarita feels like a walk near the border with dash of prickly pear syrup in every glass.

Fresh Delivery in Phoenix

Anyone can and should be able to enjoy a fresh meal with quality ingredients from the comfort of their home. Delivery is essential for the Phoenix area.

We deliver through nearly every major application. If you are considering between fast food and a quality made-from-scratch meal, consider our bar and grill. We use only fresh ingredients and craft sandwiches that use high-grade meat.

Where can I find an open sports bar in Phoenix?

Not every bar is open. However, we were able to open our doors while taking precautions to protect our valued guests.

Brenda’s Inferno is open and will continue a tradition of 22 years of continuous service. Hours may vary due to the virus so plan on an earlier than usual night.

Plan a night out or in Phoenix

Brendas Inferno started 22 years ago with a mission to serve only the best food and drink. Despite or because of an appearance on bar rescue, we are still open for business with a large selection of cooked to order dishes.

We care for our customers. Bring a mask and visit our restaurant or order online for your next meal.

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