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When it comes to any happy hour, two of the most common things you'd need or find at the hangout spot are food and drinks and the loved ones you are relaxing or celebrating with as well.

Food and drinks make the occasion lively and very alluring experiences that tend to be imprinted in the mind of our people for years on end.

While both contribute immensely to the success of any hangout, one other factor that assists is having the perfect location to host such events. Perfection in this instance encompasses all aspects of vibe, looks, atmosphere and aura in general that you feel once you step into such a location.

For locals in phoenix looking to host or share a happy hour, having a place that meets all of the above can be hard for a few which is where Brendas Inferno comes in.

What type of meals are available?

Brendas Inferno being a scratch kitchen and sports bar is the go-to option for any happy hour with amazing grilled meals, freshly made, and served until midnight.

We offer visitors a variety of sandwich meals such as the southwest steak sandwich, and a hot chicken sandwich to choose from. Our menu doesn't end there as you also have the shrimp poppers, house burger, and fired up slider to choose from among other juicy meals to choose from.

Do we offer deliveries?

We at Brendas Inferno offer delivery options for those who want to have an experience of what we have to offer brought to them. You simply teach out on what you would like and we send it over to you, it's that easy.

We make use of Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates and GrubHub for all our deliveries making it easy for anyone regardless of their preferred purchase and delivery specifications.

What type of drinks?

The happy hour culture revolves not only around food but rinks as well and we at Brendas Inferno are fully aware of this. From beers to cocktails and shots, you name it, we got it.

Some of our more signature cocktails include the Spicing Mango which primarily is composed of vodka and mango nectar, the Prickly Pair Margarita which is consists of Silver Tequila, the Whisky Smash, Desert Mule and Sonoran Sunrise.

Our fruity cocktails are perfect for just about every occasion, just walk in, make your order, and have it served to you in mere minutes.

What type of occasions are we suited for?

All happy hour occasions are welcomed to phoenix locals and all others looking to get a taste of our meals, games, drinks, and awesome environment.

With amazing food that would leave your taste buds thanking you for affording them such luxuries and to top it off, great drinks and an environment that would make each moment memorable, Brendas Inferno is the top choice for locals in phoenix looking to host a happy hour.

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